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Whether you are a new or an existing owner wishing to get involved at any level of ownership, we can cater to your needs.

We often have horses already in the yard For Sale and welcome any enquiries, but we also attend all the major National Hunt Sales across England, Ireland and France.

The following paragraphs set out the various types of ownership that will allow you to enjoy the excitement of being a racehorse owner.

Sole Ownership
You will be the sole owner of the horse and as such, any costs and profits will be yours alone. We will have a one to one relationship and you will have a close involvement with any of the decisions regarding your horse. Apart from choosing your own racing colours you will also have the joy of naming your horse if he is not already named. 

Co-ownership of a racehorse involves the participation of more than one owner and is an extremely cost effective way of ownership. Whether you choose to get involved as a group of friends or wish to have a share or shares, no matter how large or small there are 5 types of co-ownership:

  1. Company - For companies and studs who own a horse under the name of a company or business. Companies can own horses outright or within a Partnership or Syndicate. This can be a great way of marketing your company and the horse(s) can also be sponsored by the company as a way of advertising.
  2. Partnership - For two or more people who want to share the ownership of one or more horses, and where all members of the Partnership are registered owners. Partnerships allow owners to define the percentage of each horse they own and split costs and winnings in accordance with ownership share.
  3. Syndicate -  For people who want to share the ownership of one or more horses. A Syndicate is managed and administered by the Syndicator/s. Only the syndicator/s must register as a Sole/Company owner. It isn’t necessary for members of the Syndicate to register as owner
  4. Racing Club - For people who want to pay a subscription to experience racehorse ownership. A Racing Club is managed and administered by the Club manager/s and it is the Club itself, as opposed to its members, that owns the horse/s. Members pay a fee to be part of club and to enjoy some of the benefits of racehorse ownership. 
  5. Leasing a racehorse involves ownership of a racehorse for a set period of time, possibly for just one race or for the horse’s entire racing career. Depending on the agreement between the lessor and the lessee the costs involved are only those which are incurred through the lease period.


Racehorse Owners Association

As an owner it’s definitely worth considering joining the ROA. For £249 a year there are some very worthwhile benefits


More information is available on the ROA website

Thanks to our sponsorship agreement with Citipost owners who are VAT registered are able to reclaim all VAT costs incurred by their horse(s). For more information, please Contact Us.


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